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So I have been working on Night Lords for about 5 months now, and have decided to start a second legion. My favorite god is Tzeentch, but Thousand Sons are so unique. Most Tzeentch legions wouldnt be rubric marines. So I plan on using a undivided legion led by Tzeentch characters and using Tzeentch daemons. I will try and use as many mutation upgrades as possible, and maybe use possessed to represent mutated squads.

Also I will have to think up a new color scheme, preferably using blue.

What do you guys think?

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Great idea, it does seem very logical that each Tzeentch force would be unique.
The thousand sons are the result of Ahriamn's sorceries, without that the legion
would look a lott like what you're planning on doing.

Although expensive you can increase the amount of sorerors with the mark of
Tzeentch. Other options are Tzeentch daemons, possessed, chosen and modelling
veteran skills as mutations.

This looks like it will turn into a very interesting project, so best of luck and keep
us updated!

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Taking undivided marines is a good way of getting around the Tzeentch weaknesses, and hopefully giving you the opp to use a force that is both affective and characterful at the same time. Flamers are Awesome, always upgrade to them, rather than field Horrors, and the screamers can be pretty good, although are a little Situational. Make sure you have a nice base to work around using your troops to fill out any roles your characters/daemons are covering. Most likely that mean dealing with enemy armour so a couple of squads with lascannon and a couple of autocannon should do the trick.
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