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hey yall im startin a new Chaos army and i was wondering what the four different powers do...i know Khorne is all about tearing it up in melee and nurgle is hard as hell to kill, but other than that im at a loss.

i want an army that is able to handle any threat without significant changes to my army list, and i also want an army with cool models and fluff. right now im leading towards khorne because of the fluff and i just like Kharn the Betrayer.

anyway, i could use some input from people who know a bit about the chaos armies and the new codex :grin:

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khorne- will give units an extra attack in melee
nurgle- will give units a +1 tougness
tzeentch- will give units a +1 to their invulnerable save or if they didnt have one before they will get a a 5+ invulnerable
slaanesh will give them a +1 to their initative
though if u want to theme your army you can make all troops plague marines for example, though if you dont want to do that, you can just give them their mark's stadard which comes in the normal csm pack or paint their mark onto their shoulder pads

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I would suggest taking a solid mix if you want the best possible army that way you can slightly modify for whoever you face, but you have a wide range of models for a solid base.

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Death Guard are the best.

+1 Toughness and Feel No Pain = nearly unstoppable
Also they can take their second special weapon at less then 10 men so you can have 2 meltas in a 6 man squad.
Their only downside if you can call it one is that they are Init 3 so every one gets their attacks first against them.

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can i have deathguard and berserkers in the same army?

and is feel no pain negated by attacks that ignore armor saves or have high enough ap to go through my 3+?
Feel no pain is negated by weapons that would inflict instant death because they are double your model's toughness, regardless of AP and by close combat weapons that do not allow armor saves. i.e. power weapons.

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Yeah power weapons pretty much ruin plaguemarines day. Especially if it's from a character. IE I assaulted a plaguemarine unit with a unit of rending possessed, and Huron the Blackheart. Huron alone with 5 attacks with a power weapon, and all re-rolls to hit and wound pretty much decimated the unit.

Also pounced on a 10 man unit with a Archon, and 8 Wyches. I lost 1 wyche in 4 assault turns, and he lost the entire unit to the archon/succubus's agonizers.

They do work really well against shooty armies due to the feel no pain, and T5 they're harder to wound, and trade licks better. Basically they're T5 Necrons with more unit options.

Tzeentch I think is the hardest of them all. Their base weapons make everyone cringe. Their 4+ inv save really puts a damper on CC units that rely on power weapons to get the job done. As well the Sorcerer adds a very dangerous element should your opponent consider tossing a special character or multiwound model at them.

Berzerkers suck at range of course but are super nasty in CC. On the charge with a power weapon wielding skull champion they cut through anything like a hot knife through butter. Cost wise they're cheaper also.

Noise Marines high priced but OMG shooty. Nothing says Ouch like 27 shots of bolter in the face, and a S8 blast. Stack these guys up and at 24" few things can even dream of being that shooty.

Marks other than Chaos Glory I stray away from for basic units. The cost for most of the marks in general makes them not cost effective. Typically your paying around 3pts less than you would for actual cult troops for only a fraction of the bonuses.

For example Berzerkers are fearless, furious charge, +1 attack. For 3pts more than a CSM with mark of Khorne thats a steal.
Plaguemarines are T5, fearless, feel no pain. For 3pts more than a CSM with mark of nurgle.

The only time marks become cost effecient is Slaneesh, Chaos Glory, or in very large squads. For example a 20 man CSM squads pays only 2.5pts per marines for +1T, 1.2pts per marine for +1 Attack, 1pt per marines for +1I.

So don't get caught up in the hype. They're good for their points but not get out of here phenomenal. It comes down to what you like most of all.

I know some love plaguemarines like Necrons they can frustrate an opponent. I myself am torn between Khorne and Tzeentch. I would play Noice marines but I fear the cries of cheese when I opened up with 60+ shots per turn of bolter fire + heavy weapons.
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