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Hi guys,

After 3years in aos a friend finally managed to make me start 40k as well. I want to start 2 armies to have some different stuff to paint.

First army is tyranids which I built melee focused...

For a 2nd army I was thinking about starting space Marines with some awesome looking tanks.

I started reading a bit in the codex and this is my plan:

  • I play mainly for fun with some friends. Never been to a tournament yet. I dont need to have the best tournament list.
  • I only play models I like the Look of. I don't care if a unit is the best in the game - if I don't like it, I won't play it.
  • the space marine army should be more ranged focus and need a lot tanks 😄
  • No forgeworld

This is what I thought of my first 1250 points list:

Iron father feirros
Primaris Techmarine

Infiltrator squad
Intercessor squad

Redemptor dreadnought

Inceptor squad

Gladiator reaper
Gladiator valiant

This will be exactly 1250 points with weapons and stuff.

I plan to add next :
Repulsor executioner, sin e it's an awesome looking fat tank 😁

Now I need some help please:
- is this list playable for a fun evening? I don't know if I'll get charged and pretty much die?

- is iron hands the best chapter for what I plan to do with space Marines? Or should I look in some other chapters as well?

- what should I add to get a nice 2k list?

Your opinions and improvements are very welcome. Thanks in advance!
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