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Starship question

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Alright so I'm curious, for a mercenary platoon, just how customizable are Starships?

I've been told Ships are customizable based on user's tastes provided they are not in any way Warp or Xeno influenced.

I have also been told they are purely STC ships nothing more, nothing less, no customization unless you want to find an Ork Mek or wayward shipwright.
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Depends on what level of Starship you're asking for.

Mercenaries are unlikely to have access to many craft that you know of or mentioned in 40K literature, which deal with huge intersystem level transit and combat.

An escort class vessel has hundreds, if not thousands of hands working, for example - even if there are only a hundred or so people who are directly involved with the combat of some kind (counter boarding operations, flight crew, command staff, marines/landing forces, etc).

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