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Starship question

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Alright so I'm curious, for a mercenary platoon, just how customizable are Starships?

I've been told Ships are customizable based on user's tastes provided they are not in any way Warp or Xeno influenced.

I have also been told they are purely STC ships nothing more, nothing less, no customization unless you want to find an Ork Mek or wayward shipwright.
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Our party was looking to acquire a small ship that was void capable.

had anywhere between 2-4 Autocannon's mounted on it
enough crew space for 8 people

that's about it, very basics to keep a mercenary party able to fly in system, obviously would need to hitch a ride with a Rogue Trader or someone if we want to leave system.

I was just thinking non-military would be able to have their ships more varied, but most "official" Imperial ships are STC with a modification here and there depending on what was available in resources and time.

the kind of ship I was imagining was like thunderhawk size, maybe a little larger(which I'm almost sure there are plenty of vessels as such)
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and could anyone possible give a guess on how much it would cost for Mercenaries to obtain?
Guess I'll just guesstimate it then, based on other universe's lore.
Tis why i said, I'll base it off of other universe's Lore(I want a Thunderhawk sized ship, so, closest thing would be a YT-2400 or something from Star Wars)

at least I know I'm right in customization.
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