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Starship question

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Alright so I'm curious, for a mercenary platoon, just how customizable are Starships?

I've been told Ships are customizable based on user's tastes provided they are not in any way Warp or Xeno influenced.

I have also been told they are purely STC ships nothing more, nothing less, no customization unless you want to find an Ork Mek or wayward shipwright.
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Starships are not mass produced like Lasguns. Each one is a unique vessel crafted from the ground up. Many take centuries to construct and require thousands of tech priests and countless laborers to build. While it can be said that they fall into general classifications in regards to their size and capacity, no two starships are exactly alike.

Also, while Warp influence is strictly prohibited, the warrant of trade allows some rogue traders to incorporate xenos technology and artifacts into their ships (see FFG's Rogue Trader)
There's no real universal currency in the Imperium of Man.
FFG's Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader refers to Imperial Thrones as the currency of the Imperium. Though you are correct that the Imperium's market is highly unstable with some things be incredibly rare on one world while being in abundance on another. It is mentioned that on Praetoria clean air is a precious commodity while I imagine their trash heaps are filled with wondrous tech that is all but unheard of on most feral worlds.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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