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There are different types of perpetuals, as far as I can gather. Some, like Vulkan, simply cannot be killed. Others seem to be gifted with eternal life, but once they're dead, they stay dead, and there is yet another bunch that can apparently be brought back at will by the Cabal.

When the whole thing started in Legion I enjoyed it, and thought it added something to the series, if only that you got to see the Emperor through the eyes of someone who worked alongside him, as opposed to under him. The fact that Oll Person thinks that the Emperor was a massive dick and they never got on adds a more human touch to an apparently god-like being.

However, it is certainly being over used now, with them popping up anywhere that the plot line will allow, and even a primarch being one makes it quite silly at this stage. I'm just wondering when they will start showing up in the 40k timeline, and what implications it will have.
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