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Standing Necrons - A Guide

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Hello all a year or so ago I converted some Standing necrons and a few people asked for a Tutorial. I promised to make one but put the Necrons away and never got round to doing one, so as promised a long time ago, here it is.

Why make Standing Necrons? They look much more intimidating for your opponent, even more so if you just tilted the head down a little more. They would also make a perfect squad for a Necron Lord to accompany, to make them look like his personaly retinue.

Tools Needed:

All you'll need for this is Plastic Glue, a file, Clippers or a knife and a Necron Warrior.

1. Gather your bits:

You will need the Necron Legs. These are the only part you need to convert but it can get pretty fiddly.

2. Converting the Legs:

You will need to cut or clip (depending on whether you're using a knife, a saw or clippers) at the top of the thigh, above the kneww, and below the knee. You should have the legs looking like this now:

Obviously you now need to clean them up using a file and whatever tools you feel necessary.

All you need to do now is glue them back into place but making sure that you keep the legs as straight as possible. It's trickier than it sounds, mainly because the knees are so damn small. Hopefully they'll look something like this:

3. Finishing Off:

Now all you need to do is build the top part of the Necron and glue the two parts together. The finished result will look something like this (only the legs on this one turned out to be very wonky looking, I'll also show some pictures of a previous one I made that turned out to be much better):

You can add imagination to this obviously. Create them in different poses, whatever you want. These are just bog standard 'We Are Legion' looking Necrons.

I hope this has been of some use.
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The only problem I see with this is that now Immortals will look short, and they're supposed to be even bigger than the Warriors! The cutting wheel on my Dremel isn't fine enough to cut through metal Necron legs, otherwise I'd totally do this for other models.
Waaaaait a second... I remember seeing these as these funny mini-saws that were roughly the size of a guitar pick. I could never track them down again. They were fine enough that you could saw layers of plastic away. At least that's what I hope that's what this is. I've got a regular modelling tenon saw at home, it's more forgiving (cuts a gouge about .7mm wide versus 3mm) than the dremel but more unwieldly. and still too imprecise for cutting apart a Necron's knees. I'll check out GW and see if these are finer than my own saw.
Turns out the GW razor saw is exactly the same as the tenon saw I already have. Fantastic for straight cuts, but they aren't exactly fine, at least not fine enough to cut through an Immortal's knee and leave enough knee intact that the model will look okay afterwards.

I had some fun converting some Warriors, and found it rather frustrating. I left the knees attached to the lower leg, instead cutting the thigh away and repositioning that whilst trimming the knee slightly to suit the pose. Getting a nice contact surface for cement was problematic, and for the next ones I'm considering pinning them. One lost thigh meant a heavily converted Warrior holding his severed lower leg, that turned out much better than I'd anticipated.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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