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Link: Stackable Display Cases for Wargaming Miniatures
Fund Goal: $3,000
Currently Funded: YES
End Date: 2 Nov
Early bird pledges: STILL OPEN
Cobalt Keep’s Stackable Display Cases for Wargaming and DnD Miniatures are a one stop solution to store, organize and display miniatures beautifully and securely.

An integrated steel plate inside the base of our display cases ensure that magnetized miniatures sit securely in their place.

The clear plastic cover keeps miniatures clean and enables stacking with display cases of the same type. The stackability of these Display Cases allow you to store even more miniatures in less space!

Our factory molds are complete, and we have samples in hand. We are seeking funds for our first order, we look forward to placing this order after meeting our Kickstarter campaign goal.

Hero Case: 56mm wide x 56mm long x 76mm high
Army Case: 94mm wide x 247mm long x 106mm high
+ 2 more cases in stretch goals

OP Note:
Love the look, stackability and ease. Solves a problem I was going in a different direction to solve.
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