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I got some models I'd like to get rid of if anyone is interested - Cash/Paypal preferred:
1:35 boxed KV-1 1940 LXZ Soviet Heavy Tank

1 x boxed landraider

1 x boxed chaos rhino,1 x alternative box rhino, Also got chaos accessory sprues. Need to check if I got all the bits to convert to whirlwind.

1 x Landspeeder

1 x Defiler

1x Thunderfire, no outer box

1 x WitchKing on Fell Beast

1x Tau XV25 box

some Wood Elf Dryad regiment sprues (box minus 2 sprues, 12 bases)

Also stripped down Eldar - Here's a link to the army (only the metal ones got paint stripped) Eldar Army.
7x Guardians

Metal Guardians (9 pic'd, 1 AWOL), some have had the metal between legs removed for pinning and some work done to remove mould lines.

These 2 are the crew from the weapons platform

Painted Guardians (11 newer ones, 16 older ones)

About 40 Guardians in total
1:32 Digger JCB type things x2.

BOOKS: Eldar Codex (oldish one), How to Paint Miniatures, some White Dwarf, Various comics.

Cheers :victory:

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Hey guys,
LR - £30 Boxed, unassembled/not painted
Rhino - £15. Unassembled/not painted. It's actually a choas rhino in box, and I've found a rhino (MkIIc) box that I used as storage (it's got a bit of paint on it) but that other rhino can go in it. And I'll add a choas sprue to it to help make it a chaos rhino box.
LS - Aye boxed, unassembled/not painted £15
Defiler £30 Boxed, unassembled/not painted

Also got a ThunderFire Cannon, no outer box, unassembled/not painted £20

I'm getting pics together.

When it comes to dispatch, I'll wrap/put in bubblewrap/protective stuff around each sprue inside the boxes. And I'll throw in a free little goodie ;)

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Got some more pics. Willing to accept offers on all the stuff.
A semi started Eldar WarWalker:

Loads of old Eldar arms and some Rider-torsos:

DarkEldar bits, There's also a bunch of legs I need to get pic'd:


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