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Has anyone heard of Spinespur by Comfy Chair Games? Has anyone actually played it? I was going through some boxes and found a bunch of minis and rulebook I purchased years ago and completely forgot about it. It's a skirmish game with low model count based on a few horror archetypes, where a chosen characters lead crews of thugs and henchmen against one another. Love the games story and the models are awesome.

I'm working on assembling models to get a few games in and get the feel for it. No one to play with at the moment, so I'm building a few factions.

I'm wondering what sorts ofr counters or tokens are necessary. I know you can loot enemy bodies, generate fear tokens, and take wounds. But what sorts of loot tokens are used most and how many do you need in a 100 pt vs game? I'm making actual tokens instead of just using the pdf downloads. Just wanna know how many of each is normal, as the pdf has a ton on it.

I'd ask in the forums, but itks pretty quite over there. Thanks!
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