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Speedy Ork List- thoughts?

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thinking of rejigging my current ork list to this one. what are your thoughts? :)

Big Mek: kustom forcefield, kustom mega blasta= 100

Warboss: power klaw, warbike and bosspole= 130

9 Warbiker Nobs: 3 power klaws, painboy; cybork bodies. waaagh! banner
= 570

19 Boyz: nob; bosspole= 129

20 Boyz: nob; bosspole= 135 x2= 270

Battlewagon: 4 big shootas= 110 x3= 300

total= 1500

the boyz go in the battlewagons with the forcefield in the central one to make all the battlewagons obscured targets, then just drive at them!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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