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Speedy Ork List- thoughts?

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thinking of rejigging my current ork list to this one. what are your thoughts? :)

Big Mek: kustom forcefield, kustom mega blasta= 100

Warboss: power klaw, warbike and bosspole= 130

9 Warbiker Nobs: 3 power klaws, painboy; cybork bodies. waaagh! banner
= 570

19 Boyz: nob; bosspole= 129

20 Boyz: nob; bosspole= 135 x2= 270

Battlewagon: 4 big shootas= 110 x3= 300

total= 1500

the boyz go in the battlewagons with the forcefield in the central one to make all the battlewagons obscured targets, then just drive at them!
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You're going to have a tough time dealing with vehicles and mechanized armies with this list because you have no significant way to destroy vehicles at range and even in assault you've only got the one nob biker unit that can do it without disembarking. Adding in deffkoptas, warbuggies, or lootas can help with this, as could giving deff rollas and boarding planks to your battlewagons (though that leaves you in melta range which is not a good thing.)
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