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Bit of a different one.

Though certainly lots you can do with the leaves either resin or soft plastic ones depending on needs some ideas which i just thought:

Camo effects, webbing on tanks or infantry

Basing (small shubberies maybe with a path) or even leavefall

Bio/environmental armor? Good for elves

Sticking a few to a building with some green stuff strands or painted strand for ivy

Trimming or altering for tongue of larger creatures.

Repaint for strange metal shards, or different species of plant.

Thats all i got from a quick brainstorm. As to skulls everywhere! On armor. Bases terrain even as their own models (cervoskulls) really anywhere this is the grimdark 40k.

Hope that helps.

Edit just read the question again realised you ment the giant skulls... maybe build a tank or something? Might work nicely for pauldrons on a knight titan.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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