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Ok, so here are a few of the mini's I'm working on to fill a couple of the slots in my Space Wolves army

The first is a model to represent Ragnar. I've painted the old Ragnar for my old great company, which was fine as it was Ragnar's great company. But I'm collecting Bjorn Stormwolf's great company now and so this mini will represent a hero of his wolfguard using Ragnar's stats.

I must admit that the idea of using Gabriel Seth as the starting point was entirely original. Adam, the store manager at my local GW, showed me his own version a few weeks ago. He had used the wolf pelt from the terminator box set, which looks great, but as I was putting my own version together I realised I didn't have the skills to make it look right, so I've opted for a wolf pelt from the accessory sprue instead.

The second items I'm working on at the mo are an Iron Priest and another Ulrik the Slayer. Again, I have already painted the old Iron priest model for my old army, so this time I'm using the mail order techpriest (eBay, 99p!). I wanted to get hold of the Games Day wolf priest, but he was too expensive really, so I opted for another Ulrik, but up on a rock this time.

Hope you like them, comments welcome. I'll post pics of the painted mini's in a few weeks.

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those are some big rock bases, are you going to do them classic space wolf snow and ice?
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