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Space Wolves w/ Grey Knight Allies(newbie?)

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Hello and thanks for the help. I just played my 1st battle. Wow, why have I waited so long. I am a veteran gamer , loved the models but never played.
Well, a few grand later and that's old news.

I am building a Space Wolves Army and want to supplement it with Inquisitors and Daemon Hunters/Grey Knights. I know it says they can allie but then it also says you can't use Grey Knights. so does that mean exactly what it it says, that I can't use 2 squads of Grey Knight troops that I want to? It's the whole reason I got them, I love they way they look..

I also want to use Capt. Stern. Is it possible if I have a 2000 point army?

so very confusing to me. I did a search but still unclear. any help would be much appreciated.
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Heres the deal... Inquisition is given the power to do anything they want to handle a situation.

If the Inquistion wants to they will call on the Space Wolves to handle the problem in which case this is represented game/codex wise by the Inquisition taking Space Marine allies. Fluff wise this is usally done when Grey Knights are unavaialble, out of range, not needed, or the Space Marines are already present, have a debt to the Inquisitor, or the Inquistor used his silver lined toungue to convince them to help.

If its tougher than what normal Space Marines can handle they call in Grey Knights. Why cant you take Grey Knights AND Space Marine alllies? Fluff wise if you can call in Grey Knights where (again fluff wise) every marine is the equivalent of a Space Marines chapters Librarians why would you stoop to calling in regular Marines?? Secondly after the taint of Chaos, humans are killed/brainwashed/turned into servitors or anything else to ensure that their is no chaotic taint left to them and they cant spread the secrets of the Inquisition. Space Marines are to valuable to do any of the above to and Grey Knights are inured to such effects to the point that no Grey Knight has ever fallen to Chaos. Again why risk a Space Marine when you have a Grey Knight??

Now what you CAN do. Space Wolves may take Grey Knight allies. Its diffrent from Grey Knights taking Space Wolve allies in that all your core requirements must come from the Space Wolves codex including all HQ slots (1 for every 750 if I remeber) and the regular 2 Troops. And before you ask NO Grey Knight HQs cannot fulfill any Space Wolves HQ requirements and if you have 2 Space Wolve HQs you cannont take the Grey Knight 1 that allies may have... this was FAQed somewhere.. something about Space Wolves just wont listen to the Inquisition.
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