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A shame no-one has chimed in yet!

First, can I congratulate you for the evilness which is Grav Centurion Devastators in a drop pod. I don't have the heart to do it myself but damn does it cause a stir!

Really like the list, but do have some questions for you:
1. How many points is this list supposed to be? I'd take a stab at 1875-2000pts but I'm too lazy to calculate it.

2. Are the Iron priests and wolf lord joining together into their own unit or are they joining different TWC units?

3. Who actually has the special weapons in the TWC? Are they just normal scrubs or is one the Leader?

4. Why the heavy flamer on the sternguard? They are clearly built for tank hunting, but the flamer feel really out of place. I know there is a huge debate between combi's and special weapons in the sternguard, but I feel that it is a shame to lose special ammunition shots by taking meltaguns or plasma guns, etc. But up to you.

I'd be tempted to swap out a rhino for another drop pod, just so you can have two come in turn one. It would be a lot harder to deal with the centurions and sternguard coming in turn 1 then one at a time, giving your TWC more time to get up the board without being gunned to death.
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