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Ask me about Pins
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1. Yes... they'd look silly with all three :p Think of them like Chaos Space Marines...

2. That's a good question.... I don't have' the answer

3. Rune Priests are pretty much the cornerstone of all competative Space Wolf builds... thier Living Lightning is a d6 autocannon... but it also depends on the list... Logan is pretty popular (lets you make termies scoring) also I know a guy on here who LOVES Bjorn the Fell handed. I'd shy away from Njial.

4. No you could have 11... But remember you get hosed on dedicated transports with the wolves... and the normal LR is only 10 too....

5. Depends on list... the one "must have" are the Long Fangs. Most folks run them with all ML -- they're a cheaper version of the Dev squad with the ability to split fire.... so they pretty much fill up your heavy slots if your're doing it right :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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