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Hello one and all I am hoping u can provide me with some knowledge
First off I never played Space Wolves before (just started) in fact i never played space marines (i know weird), any who the problem

A unit of Wolf Guard is allowed to split off members and make them leader of another squad, I'm sure all wolf players know this. It also says the can take a dedicated transport which may be a Land Raider of any type, now here comes my question, if you take a squad of 3 wolf guard give them a dedicated transport and split them off into squads what happens to the dedicated transport? Can any of the squads with one of these wolf guard start the game deployed in it (since only the squad with the dedicated transport can start in it) or do i still have to wait then hop in it. Please if any space wolf player out there knows there answer let me know

P.S if I missed some rule that makes the question void etc etc I apologize for wasting your time
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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