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Name pretty much says it. I?ll be trying to keep a constant log of my painting of a Space Wolves Force. Naturally, comments are more than welcome.

Grey Hunter

This is the mini in its current state. As all my minis, it tends to look shittier and shittier the more you zoom into the picture. However, in the grand scheme of a small force, this is a standard that I can accept. I can do better, but at some point I need to draw a line between the (insane) amount of time it takes me to paint Space Wolves and all their details, and a look that I find acceptable.
That being said, I will clean up and correct this model in its largest impurities, once it?s done.

The process to get here was fairly standard. I?ll not go into the details of every element, as they are repeated later anyway. These are just the basic layers:

- 2 very thin coats of Abaddon Black as base
- 2 very thin coats of The Fang
- 1 generous and rough do-over of Agrax Earthshade
- 1 ca. 50:50 water mix with Russ Grey anywhere but the recesses
- 1 round of Fenrisian Grey for highlights.

As mentioned already, I am extremely slow, so not only will I not add techniques with more layers, but I will actually try to use less.

I will keep working the backpack now.


I hate doing backpacks. All in all they have little visual impact, and in the case of Space Wolves, a lot of elements. This one has an animal skull attached to it. It?s fair to assume that it?s a wolf.

As I said, I want to try working with fewer layers, so this one has been directly based with The Fang and painted as follows. I skipped a base layer of Abaddon Black. Anyone insane enough to read through all of this, I?d like to hear your opinion on that. Anyway:

- 2 very thin layers of The Fang
- 1 heavy coat of Nuln Oil (should have been Agrax Earthshade to be consistent with the rest of the mini, my mistake, bleh)
- 1 layer of Russ Grey that came out way too thick, especially on the upper part of the backpack As said, it had almost been a year since I had touched a brush. You tend to lose a feeling for the right consistency in paint, although it comes back quickly.

For the trimming:
- 1 layer of Balthasar Gold
- 1 wash with Agrax Earthshade
- 1 highlighting with Gehenna?s Gold
- 1 final highlight with Runefang Steel

I?ve come to get used to this tone of gold, although I found it rather coppery in the beginning. I?m OK with it now.

Moving on to the skull.

Backpack ? skull

First, I give the skull a thin coat of White Scar.

As with all whites, distribution for me comes out very uneven in terms of consistency and dryness-moisture. I hate white colors. Seems like there?s no way of turning them either into a wash or a way too dry and thick layer.
I proceed with another thin layer of Ushabti Bone. By now I?m not very pleased with how this is going.

- Next is a very heavy hand of Agrax Earthshade.

- After that, comes a more careful, thin and dry layer of Ushabti Bone over the elevated areas of the skull.

- Finally, I apply a 3:1 mix of Ushabti Bone and White Scar highlight for the most elevated and protruding areas of the skull. I try to not overdo it.

- After painting the string holding the skull (fidgety business) in Leadbelcher with Nuln Oil wash and Runefang Steel highlights, I?m done with this skull jazz.

I will keep working on the backpack tonight and hopefully complete it.

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Not much to report today. Dedicated some time to this head:

Obviously, heads are maybe the trickiest part in a Space Marine mini. I find it really hard to get a water-color mix that covers well without stuffing up recesses or being so runny it acts as a wash.

- First come several layers of a thin-but-not-too thin mix of Kislev Flesh and Ceramite White. I'd say about 50:50. Even after several layers the resin still shines through but as more layers will follow, this should be enough.

- Next is just a layer of Eshin Grey on anything that isn't skin. I plan on going with grey hair (surprise...), so this should be a versatile base for the rest of the head.

Done for today, hopefully more work done tomorrow!

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Very nice; the first dude above looks really nice. I strongly suggest using some sort of primer though.
Thank you. Yes, this was a one-time experiment of skipping the priming. I have this conspiracy theory of GW suggesting the use of much more paint than actually necessary at least in the case of the standard I try to achieve, but I do see the need for primer.

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Got some more progress for this head:

Of course not without some sort of hiccup:


Overall I'm ok with the look. It has some sort of chaos-y vibe to it, probably due to the overly dark Azurmen Blue wash around the eyes, and the face looks way darker in natural light than under an LED lamp, but I'm not going to put more time into it.

Basically, a bunch of thin layers of Cadian Fleshtone washed with Reikland Fleshshade and highlighted with Kislev Flesh.
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