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Space Wolves On Bikes

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I want to create a squad of space wolves on bikes


rune priest or wolf lord

with body guards on bikes

any suggestions on how to do this

for instance

1 ruen priest on bike with psyber raven

5 ++ wolf guards
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i know i need bikes but how would i get metal models on a plastic bike not in correct stance
ouch my rune priest has alot of fure coats / pelts past his waist so do the guards ... how do i over come this .... green stuff ?
thanks ill do it that way and ill use green stuff to make wolf skins draped like a clothe over there chest diaponally or something
just some pictures that were on dakka dakka people cant access

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ps there not mine .. i just wish
brown wolves i see brown i see some grey

i see the furs they wera brown and grey is there anything specific
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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