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Space Wolves On Bikes

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I want to create a squad of space wolves on bikes


rune priest or wolf lord

with body guards on bikes

any suggestions on how to do this

for instance

1 ruen priest on bike with psyber raven

5 ++ wolf guards
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Heh I still can not see them, darn this host. I agree with the above post about taking a normal spacemarine and using GS and sprues to modify him, it is going to take less skill then to try and correct the damage. Another things you can go is with a razor saw chop the arms and cut him off at the waist then use normal arms and legs. Then you use GS and mold in the new wolf pents using the Runepriest exsisting body as a guild as to how it should go on and lay, remember that he will be moving forward so to make the motion of the cloak as if he is going forward.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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