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Space Wolves Land Speeder

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hey all, I finished painting the first of my 2 Land Speeders today, and I'm quite pleased with the results. Since I was taking pictures I also took a couple of some of the other models in the army. Comments welcome!
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are what look like paint chips done on purpose? or just older models for the 3 hunters?

as for the speeder, its not bad, but the scheme looks abit blotchy, not bad, but still abit blotchy in places
the bumper mostly, the body itsself is abit blotchy with the highlights, but it works for the model for the most part. Id make sure to get the overlap of paint on the edges of the step too on the gunner side, you can easily see that you got grey paint on it.

Ill say this before someone says it: the hand on the gunner seat, the models like that, its not too much paint (I can say that cuz I have a speeder right infront of me im painting myself)

but all aside, do you use washes on these models? because Id use a badab black on them then lightly reapply a thinned colour of your choice for the bodies if you dont want it darkened.

Then again, Im not the biggest advocate of Clean looking models, see my wolves WIP:

as you can see, not the cleanest models around.

edit: I really should update the pics too on my WIP...
well Id say for your highlights, Id cut back abit on the highlights, or make SWG your main colour and use a SWG white mix for thin highlights. since I see some of your highlights seem to extend almost half way through the body.
happy to have helped there 43
looks abit better there 43, but for some reason it looks blotchy, like your putting more paint on then you need to, but then again, that could just be me
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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