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Space Wolves: How best to use Canis?

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Hey guys. Ive been wanting to buy the Canis model for some time now and have finally decided to actually buy it now.

When i get the model, obviously i will want to try him out on the tabletop.

Can anyone please advise how best to use Canis? What army list should i have to really get the best out of him?

Thanks in advance.
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special characters are not competitive, TWC are not really that good for the points either.
Your joing right? Some Special Characters are worth their weight in gold.

Vulcan? Eldrad? Kharn? All are very solid SC.

And some of the Space Wolves lists that have done extremely well have used Thunderwolf Cav.

Be very careful when you make broad statements like that, as more often than not you'll find there are cases where you are completely wrong.

What the heck? =/ Wolf Lords are great, many Special Characters are great, Thunderwolf Cavalry are great... gah!
He has a point on the Wolf Lords, most of the time Wolf Priests and Rune Priests would be my pick. But Canis is cheaper than an eqvilent Wolf Lord and so shouldn't be put in the saem boat IMO.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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