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like to use the combo HQ'S.
LOGAN GRIMNAR and NJAL STORMCALLER. oops forgot i hav Lukas the trickster to

I have these two HQ'S already I have the rest of SW too
here is the list of what i have at the moment

2 predators
twin-link las
sponson-hvy bolters

2 squads of 15 bloodclaws
6 squads of 10 wolfguards
4 term wolfguards wg split from the ten man squad

ok guys have a go with it like to build close combat oriented army with the 2 HQ'S

AND PLEASE no response in having rinoes to get across the table.Where i play too many shooting army blows them up to easily.I don't like playing things that don't stay on the fIeld long or land raiders

if u cant either use one of each. I like to make a theme army using LOGAN or NJAL or both
and add LUKAS to the frey. I test played the trickster and i like how he works
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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