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Greetings all, I'm looking to sell my Space Wolves. Pretty simple huh? The book is awesome, but Chaos is better. I'm looking for around the £200 mark, a saving of over £100 on retail price.

The models are all assembled and all undercoated black, with the exception of 5 WolfGuard Terminators and a conversion of Ragnar Blackmane. All the scouts are fully painted, as are the other 5 terminators, Njal and 1 unit of Grey Hunters. Other models are partially painted, including the land raider, rhino, drop pod and Long Fangs.

I digress..the army consists of;

1 x Njal Stormcaller
1 x Ragnar Blackmane (Plastic conversion)
1 x WolfGuard Terminator unit (thunderhammer/storm shield)
1 x WolfGuard Terminator unit (Assault Cannon, Frost blade, Power fists, chain fist)
2 x 5 man Wolf Scout unit, with 2 plasma pistols in each
1 x Venerable dreadnought (plastic kit, with all spares available)
3 x Grey Hunters (10 men), 2 x plasma gun, power weapon in each
1 x 5 man Long Fang pack (Pack Leader & 4 missile launchers)
1 x 5 man Long Fang pack (Pack Leader & 4 Plasma Cannons)
1 x 5 man Long Fang pack (Pack Leader & 4 Lascannons)
1 x Rhino
1 x Drop Pod
1 x Land Raider Redeemer

2 x Figure case (1 containing figures, 1 containing the vehicles and dreadnought, mostly packed out with loose foam from dissected trays)

Obviously I have no idea about p&p...but can find out. Feel free to email any queries to me at [email protected]


Should also mention lots of spare bits too
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