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Space Wolf 1750 List

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So me and my group of friends are gonna start up 1750 points. the armies i may be facing are orks, eldar, dark eldar, necrons, marines........ pretty much everything.

Lemme know what you guys think bc Im not too sure if i like it or not...

1 Rune Priest
-Living Lightning/Murderous Hurricane
-Chooser of Slain

7 Grey Hunters (1 MOTW, 1 Meltagun, 1 Standard)
1 Wolf Guard (Fist, COmbimelta)
-------All in Rhino

8 Grey Hunters (1 MOTW, 1 Meltagun, 1 Standard)
1 Wolf Guard (Fist, COmbimelta)
--------All in Rhino

5 Grey Hunters (1 MOTW, 1 Flamer, 1 Standard)
1 Wolf Guard (Fist, Combimelta)
--------All in Razorback W/ Lascannon, Plasmagun

5 Thunderwolf Calvary( 1 SS, 1 Meltabomb, 1 PF/SS, 1 Bolter) <-- for allocating wounds

1 Dreadnought (lascannon/Missle Launcher)

5 Long Fangs (5 ML)

5 Long Fangs (5 ML)
-------All in Razorback W/ Twin link Lascannon

2 Land Speeders (1 Multimelta, 1 Heavy Flamer on each)


please rip this list apart i would love feedback and thank you very much for your time :)
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TWC are for HIGH level games and if you use them you can't just fling them in a list and call it "good". Drop the TWC and go for something else. This list is kind of confused as to how it wants to deal with problems; you have some high mobility glass cannons(three), some troops(not enough to make it count), static fire bases, and a really expensive bat(twc). Figure out what you want your list to do, but keep in mind that it can't do everything.
Focus it a bit more. Go troop heavy, razorspam or twc death ouch, but not all of them.
8-9 with a pf wolf guard or 10.
Seems like an excessive amount of points for squads who shouldn't see combat.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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