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A month or so ago my friend and I had a friendly 500 point battle, and I felt I would share it with you guys.

It was a spur of the moment thing, and with neither of us having played in a year +, our lists wer'nt amazing. Doesn't help they were thrown together in literally 2 minutes :p

I was Space Marines, and he was Orks.

Table was round, and about 4ft by 4ft. The only terrain was my fortress of redemption, which was placed slightly off centre to the table.

We may have forgot / messed up some of the rules due to a lack of playing, but was fun none the less :victory:

So the lists...

Orks (roughly)
Warboss in mega armour
20 ork boyz. Warboss attached to boyz.
10 Ork boyz, 'eavy armour.
6 Nobz, 'eavy armour, 1 power claw

Space Marines
Librarian with smite and might of the ancients
10 man tactical sqaud with flamer and missile launcher. Libby attached to squad.
2x5 man sniper scout squads.
Heavy Support
Predator with side heaver bolter
Standard deployment and annihalation (can't spell that word! :headbutt: )

Rolling off for deployment, ork player won, but allowed me to deploy first. I chose the edge closest to the fortress of redemption. Forgetting about deep striking and reserves, I placed all my men on the table. My predator was on the far left, bringing its firepower to bare on the large open space the orks would most likely deploy to. My scout squads deployed to one of the access points to the fortress each, to try and give them an advantage when it came to sniping. My tactical squad and librarian deployed to the right of the fortress.

The ork player then placed his Nob squad just out of sight of my tactical squads firing line, as close to them as he could get within his deployment zone. His 10 ork squad deployed close to the fortress of redemption, aiming for the last access point. His warboss and boyz were placed as close to my predator as they could get, on the left of the table.

Turn 1 - Space Marines

For turn 1, my tacticals moved slightly to the right, and a little back, so they could maintain distance from those Nobz but keep them in the firing line. My scouts moved forward into the fortress of redemption, taking up sniper points. My predator remained where it was, as it could then offload its entire payload into the soon-to-be advancing warboss and his boyz. During the shooting phase, my tacticals caused one wound to the Nobz, failing to kill any, whilst my both my sniper teams killed one Boy from each squad respectively. We both forgot about pinning, unfortunately for me, which proved to be rather fateful...My Predator shot its heavy bolters and lascannon at the warboss's squad, killing only about 3 of them. As their was no room to assault this turn, it was then the orks turn.

Turn 1 - Orks

Suffering minor casualties during my rather disapointing shooting phase, the ork player pretty much charged at me as fast as he could. I don't think he actually shot a long range weapon once! His warboss's squad ran towards my predator, and were within two more turns of movement away. His nobz were almost within assault range, and his 10 body ork squad was within the fortresses walls, just. Quite a lucky round of dice rolling for the ork players running got him disturbingly close to my marines. It was now my turn to fill the greenskins with mass reactive bolt shells!

Turn 2 - Space Marines

Turn two made me more satisfied with my men. My scouts withdrew from the fortress in fear of getting ripped a new one by those Ork Boyz. My predator and tac squad remained put however. The scouts managed to kill 2 from the 10 (now 7 bodied) ork squad, still forgetting about pinning though :headbutt: !
My predator killed another 5 of the Warboss's squad, bringing him down to around 13 bodies. My tactical squad finally put down 2 of the Nobz, causing 3 wounds in the turn of shooting. For some reason, I forgot to move them forward so they could assault after, which probably turned out to be another big mistake on my part.

Turn 2 - Orks
Again forgoing shooting in favour of running, his nobz came within assaulting distance, and closed in to my tacticals. His 7 bodies ork squad left the fortress and managed to just scrape assaulting distance, and charged to one of my puny 5 man scout squad. The warboss and his minions reached my predator. I was very confident about my predators survival, until I realised the Warboss had a fuck-off power claw that he could bitch-slap me with! After his turn of assualting my predator, I was surprisingly unharmed after abysmal dice rolling. My scout squad, however, had lost 2 men, but had also killed 2 orks, much to my surprise! So they remained locked in combat. My tacticals were not doing quite so well. I did not kill any orks, but lost 3 of my marines. I passed the moral check and they also stayed locked in combat. (although now I think of it do SM alwasy pass moral checks like this, or can choose whether to run or not? Or something like that).

Turn 3 - Space Marines

My predator let loose everyhting it had into the warboss's squad, killing another 4. We forgot about moral checks if you lose half your squads number, so we did not do that. My remainiong sniper squad that was not locked in combat shot at the warboss's squad. We wern't sure on this as it was a vehicle that was locked in combat, and not men, but we both theorized that a single sniper bullet would not penetrate predator armour, so my men would not be harmed if it missed. Anyway, that scored another kill on the greenskins. My other scout squad lost the melee combat, failed its moral test and began to fall back to my table edge, with just 1 man remaining. My tacticals lost another man, as did the Nobz. They remained locked in combat again.

Turn 3 - Orks

This time, the warboss wrecked my predator outright, resulting in an explosion which, happily for me, killed SIX more of his boyz! It was at this point we remembered the moral check for losing over half, which he failed miserbly :) His most powerful unit had to fall back towards his own table edge, whoop! :victory: My tacticals got seriously mauled, but killed a Nob as well. They passed the moral check again, leaving the fight between 4 marines and 3 Nobz. The originally 10-bodied ork squad shot at the fleeing scout, which was obviously a ploy to rub in my face lol, and needless to say he was pretty much desimated! The joke was on him in the end though as he then realised he could not assault my already pretty-much screwed tactical squad.

Turn 4 - Space Marines

Losing faith and heart, my tacticals soldiered on, and reduced the Nobz to a single model. My tacticals were utterly destroyed in the process though, which left me with just a 5 man scout squad. With the Warboss and his 2 remained boyz still fleeing, it was down to just the 5 man scout squad vs the remaining orks in the squad. Suffice to say, my scouts were in fact ripped a new one, but reduced that squads numbers to 2.

End of the game, Only 1 nob and 2 ork boys remained (not including the fleeing warboss and 2 boyz) and none of my marines :angry:

It was a very fun game, and got me back into the 40k world. Next time I ill do better, and will know the rules! :grin:

I do think though that had I remembered some of the rules earlier on, I could have won this!

Anyway hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed playing it :victory:

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haha it is always funny looking back on rules mistakes that one has made.
Those tacticals were surprisingly competent in that they almost bested nobs in melee holy *censored*!!!!!
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