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Chapter Tactics:
Replace 'if [this character] is in your army' with 'if [this character] is your Warlord'.

Chapter Master:
Reduce points cost to 120pts

Honour Guard:
Increase WS to 5, reduce cost to 95pts and reduce cost of additional members to +30pts per model.

Reduce cost of Epistolary upgrade to 30pts.

Reduce points cost to 85pts; replace 'Liturgies of Battle' with 'Zealot'.

Tactical Squad:
Reduce cost to 80pts, reduce cost of additional Space Marines to +15pts per model.

Terminator Assault Squad:
Increase cost of Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield to +5pts.

Sternguard Squad:
Increase cost of Combi-Weapon to 7pts per model.

Venerable Dreadnought:
Reduce cost to 150pts, reduce cost of Lascannon to 15pts

Reduce cost to 40pts. Reduce cost of Servo-Harness to +20pts.

Legion of the Damned Squad:
Replace entry with the following: http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=120227

Assault Squad:
Reduce cost to 85pts; reduce cost of additional Space Marines to 16pts per model.

Vanguard Veteran Squad:
Add Jump Packs to Wargear; remove Jump Pack from Options.

Land Speeder Storm:
Increase BS to 4. Increase range of Jamming Beacon to 12"; replace Cerberus Launcher with the following: 12" range, Str 4, AP-, Heavy 1, Blast, Blind.

Devastator Squad:
Reduce cost to 80pts; reduce cost of additional Space Marines to 15pts per model; decrease cost of Heavy Bolter, Multi-Melta and Missile Launcher to 10pts per model; decrease cost of Plasma Cannon to 15pts per model; decrease cost of Lascannon to 25pts per model.

Thunderfire Cannon:
Increase points cost to 125pts.

Land Raider:
Reduce points cost to 235pts.

Reduce points cost to 65pts.

Marneus Calgar:
Reduce points cost to 200pts. Increase cost of Armour of Antilochus to +20pts.

Varro Tigurius:
Add 'Tigurius may roll 4 times on the Divination, Pyromancy, Telekinesis and Telepathy disciplines.' Reduce cost to 200pts.

Ortan Cassius:
Increase Wounds to 3; increase Attacks to 3; increase WS to 5; increase BS to 5; replace 'Liturgies of Battle' with 'Zealot'.

Antaro Chronus:
Reduce cost to 35pts.

Pedro Kantor:
Replace 'Hold the Line!' with 'If Pedro Kantor is your Warlord, Sternguard squads are a 0-2 Troops Choice and Scouts are a 1+ choice.'

Loads of stuff on this one, it needs cutting down a bit.

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