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space marines help

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Yo guys just need a wee bit of help with mylist.
Here it is -
Comander 155pts
lighing claw
plasma combi
art armour
iron halo

chaplin 101pts
bolt pistal

librarain epistolary 146pts
vortex of doom
bolt pistal

vets 205 (5man)
twin lighting claws
power wep
power fist
terminator honours
all with polt pistals

troops all 10 men units
tactical squad1 170pts
melta gun
missile lancher

tactical squad2 170pts
missaile lancher

tactical squad3 161pts
heavy bolter

tactical squad4 195pts
plasma gun
plasma pistal
missile launcher
termanator honours

tactical sqaud5 161pts
heavy bolter

fast attack
assault squad 135 pts(5man unit)
tremaator houners
power wepon

Devastator sqaud1 155pts(5 man unit)
four missile laubchers

Deavastator sqaud 2 330pts(10 man unit)
2 plasma cannons 2 lascannons
term honours
power fist

land rader 250pts

what do you guys and gals think i can get to beef it up

ps sorry about spelling
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a) if youre worried about spelling, check the codex thoroughly as youre writing, use it as a guide.

b) this isnt so much of an army list as much as a list of models. put together what you think would make an effective 1500pt army, and we can critique it.

c) generally only use 1 HQ at 1500.
then this should be in the apoc section, ill move it there.

and if youre doing that, then you want 60 tac marines, 20 assault, 20 dev, rhinos and backs for each squad, a few preds, a few dreads, a few whirlies, some bikes and speeders.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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