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Hey all.

I'm selling all this. I'd prefer to sell it as one package. I'm not gonna put down a price, but you offer me something and I'll tell you if I think it's fair or not. You pay for the S/H too... I'm in Canada. To send a package costs AT LEAST $10 (that was just for a rhino), I can expect this to cost up to $35 S/H (CAD of course).

I'll send anywhere. Offer me some money, include S/H in that offer. I'll barter with you, unless I just think your offer is fair where I'll just accept it. If you want individual parts of this, than just ask. There's 22 marines (5 with lascannons, 3 with missile launchers, 1 with a plasma gun), the pred. annihilator (the sponson lascannons broke off, but they're still there and you'll get them so at least you can fix them), a Vindicator tank, enough parts for 8 or 9 Assault Marines, 4 sniper scouts and a hvy bolter scout, 2 greyknight models, and a lot of random metal models. (old techpriest, standard bearer, guy with axe, 3-6 HQ Choice models, Tigirus, 2 Marinus Calagar's) and a LOT of bits, including a T/L lascannon, an autocannon, etc...

Everything comes in the quality that you see.

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