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Space Marines, Drop pods or rhinos?

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So Im making a preheresy alpha legion force, and I want to know what is better for transport? Im trying to make it fluffy but playable.

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My base army is this
1st Captain Ingo Pech (fluff)
5 sternguard as bodyguard (no real command squads in those days
2 tacticals
1 veteran dred.

I was thinking rhinos for the tacticals, and then a second captain with the stern for drop pods? or a secon sternguard squad with drops? The only thing is, I dont want them to scatter off the edge...
My list right now stands at this (this will be in army lists section too):
1st Captain Ingo Pech (counts as Chapter master) 178
Relic blade and storm bolter
artificer armor
Hellfire Rounds

10 tac's 240pts
plasma gun

10 tac's 240pts
plasma gun

Sternguard 195
Plasma gun

Venerable Dread 185
heavy flamer
Assault Cannon
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Razorbacks probably werent around pre-heresy...ill have to check
Thanks for pointing that out!
Thanks Cruor99!!!!
Then now I need a subsitute for a rhino...Rhino or LR?
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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