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Hi guys, im new to SM so i would like to give me a piece of advice. What do u think of that:

- SM Captain
(What is the best equipment for him?)
Hellfire bullets
Storm Bolter

I really like playing with common Tactical Squads
- Tactical Squad 10 Marines
Plasma cannon or rocket launcher?
Plasma gun

- Tactical Squad 10 Marines
Plasma cannon
Plasma gun

I can transform my BA Razorbacks with lasplases into Rhinos to give them dedicated transport or leave Razors. 5 will go in and 5 out. What's better?


- Rhino

- Rhino

Now its about 550 pts, without captain being overloaded with gear.
What next? I got troops to capture objectives, so maybe some heavy support?

What's better, Dreadnought or Predator tank, Vindicator?


- Dreadnought with lascannon
assault cannon

- Vindicator
additional armor

- Predator tank
spons with Heavy bolters

I do not think that's there is a special need for anti-tank weapons while playing 750 pts.

Whats yout opinion guys? Im newbie in shooting armies. I will be grateful if you help me with this.
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