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Hey everyone I was exploring the deepest, darkest and decrepid place on the internet, 1d4chan and I found this song written by one of the posters there. This song is hilarious and I thought I would share it with my fellow heretics.

When I was a youngin’, my daddy said to me,
Son, I wanna know what it is you wanna be,
I said, “I’ll never wear a tie, but I like the color green!
I think I’m gonna-wanna be a fuckin' Space Marine!”

Chorus: Vox 1! Vox 1! A Chaos Lord I spy!
Vox 2! Vox 2! That fucker’s gonna die!
Vox 3! Vox 3! The only friend you’ll ever need
Is a superhuman Xenos-killing Space Marine!

If you like green, a Dark Angel you’ll be;
If you like red, it’s the Blood Angels for thee;
If you like blue then get a fucking clue!
Ward can’t write and neither can you!
The greatest Space Marine, that ever I did see,
Came in one day and took his place at the altar next to me.
I knew he was a killer; I could tell it when he kneeled.
He took the Chapter’s relic that into battle he did wield!
Everyone is curious, they all wanna know,
Does it make you smarter, will it make your body grow?
It will bring you glory, and it will bring you fame,
All to be done in the Emperor’s name
Written by Mike and Yong-Uk (Traitorus Exterminatus)

Ps. I in no way wrote this and the reason that I'm posting it here is for entertainment and not to take credit.

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Here another song for you.

The ork song:

Marines an' 'Oomies are pink an' soft
Weez are goin' to clubber da lot
Orks are green we have no soft spot
All u' uvvers are puny like a mushy grot

All right boyz u' reeady!?

'Ere we go!
'Ere we go!

By: Mr. Black Orc
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