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You can assault after. Rapid Fire prevents you from assaulting, while Bolt Pistols only fire a single shot.

10 Scouts with Shotguns is 110pts, and puts out 20 S4 shots, and 21 attacks on the charge, while Bolt Pistol+CCW puts out 10 Shots and 31 attacks on the charge, while Bolter is 20 S4 shots at short range, or 10 at long range, but no assaulting after. Alternatively, putting them in a Land Speeder Storm gives you a rapid assault unit, as it's an open-topped vehicle (albeit smalller in size).

The shotguns are pretty good at removing front ranking models, like special weapon flamers which can be a pain.

In Heresy-lists, they're even better (slightly) in that you're not massively missing out on the AP5 - in return for a S4 Assault 2 weapon. Reconnaissance Squads can make use of that reasonably effectively - with Meltabombs, Acute Senses/Outflank or Infiltrate+Scout means that they're pretty much wanting to be in the backline, and pretty much within 18" at the start of a turn of any unit.

Raven Guard have the best use of it though - Mor Deythan Strike Squads, which have access to Shotguns, and Fatal Strike which gives them Twin-link and Rending, combined with easy access to Flamers (1 per 3). 173pts gets you a Twin-linked Rending 4x Shotguns and 2x Flamers. Running Kaedes Nex with them in conjunction with a Darkwing Pattern Storm Eagle means that they're going to be hitting the deck on the 3rd turn, and then putting out Large Blast Blinding Missiles to keep it alive, but also, just completely shreds enemy units.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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