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space marine missile launchers

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looking for clarification. can any unit who can take a missile launcher pay the extra points for flakk missiles? i can't find anything in the codex that says they can't but then i can't find anything that says they can either...
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you can buy the flakk when its clearly stated. if a model can have ml but in his option is not stated that he can take the flakk...well...he can't!
It's different in the SM Codex (than in the CSM one) : some units may have access to the "Heavy weapons list", where it is stated that any missile-launcher may include flakk missiles for 10 more points.

For the scouts, it is specifically written because they don't have access to the "Heavy weapons list", but only to Heavy Bolter and Missile Launcher.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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