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i just felt like writing something short, so here goes.

The hydraulics hissed as the drop pod's doors sealed shut. there was a faint click, a short drop and then a loud roar as the drop pods engines came to life. suddenly forces beyond imagination hurtled the drop pod to the planets surface. the pod began to shake violently as it hit the atmosphere, rattling those inside, temporarily disorientating them. finally, its over and the pod is free-falling. then the retro-rockets kick in, slowing the pod down in a matter of seconds. a dull thump is heard as the pod drives into the dull earth below.

*hiss* *thump* and the doors are open, strato vests are undone and out springs a squad of marines. instantly they are on one knee, searching for targets. The helmet mike springs to life *squad, check in* ten replies of *ready sir* are heard. *move out* *roger that* the ten marines jump to life, forming up in a slightly staggered group. effecient and silent, they move across the dead ground and into the outer reaches of the city. fighting can be heard in the distance.

their objective, capture the 8th outpost, registered on their PGS (planet guidance systems) as coordinates X67Z98. it was currently in the hands of heretics, traitor guardsmen of the 119th.

Moving through the rough terrain, signs of fighting can be seen everywhere. bodies and rubble litters the streets. abandoned and destroyed gun emplacements guarding supply routes and strategic positions. the endless network of streets stretching off into the unseen, smog covered areas. the smell of decaying flesh fills the air, seeping into every crack and crevice. only the light crunch of armoured feet on dirt and concrete can be heard. occasionally a shell screams overhead, origin unknown, destination probably some bloody battlefield. the squad turns a corner and can faintly see waypoint delta, a small building previously occupied by a gun and its crew, now just a pile of burnt and twisted metal and flesh.

the squad moves quickly, reaching waypoint delta and sighting waypoint echo through their sights on their bolters. 2 klicks to go. silently the squad moves out, rounds the corner and.....

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