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Black Library's release structure of late has gotten increasingly confusing, and I think this series is a perfect example.

The Space Marine Battles series includes, to my best guess:
1. Rynn's World (2010)
2. Helsreach (2010)
3. Hunt for Voldorius (2010)
4. The Purging of Kadillus (2011)
5. Fall of Damnos (2011)
6. Battle of the Fang (2011)
7. The Gildar Rift (2011)
8. Legion of the Damned (2012)
9. Architect of Fate (2012)
10. Wrath of Iron (2012)
11. The Siege of Castellax (2012)
12. The Death of Antagonis (2013)
13. Death of Integrity (2013)
14. Malodrax (2013)
15. (??) Pandorax (2014)
16. The World Engine (2014)

The organizational questions are:
* Is Flesh of Cretacia, by Andy Smillie, just a novella or a full novel? What about Sons of Wrath? (I assume novellas, by pricing structure and how fast after one another they came out, but not sure.)
* Is Pandorax a part of the series or not? I don't think it was initially, but now it's listed therein on the BL site....
* Is The World Engine ever going to be released in physical form?

Anyhow, the other question I want to ask is: what do people think about the series as a whole, now that we're five years in? For a series that seems to be designed for bolter porn, and of which 3 of the first 4 were terribly received, it seems to have righted itself quite well in the period between Fall of Damnos and Architect of Fate, and remained pretty good afterwards. (Battle of the Fang is probably my favorite 40K (non-Heresy) book). But it seems to have been semi-abandoned since, with only the halfway Pandorax being printed in physical form last year. Then again, BL seems to be on the path towards abandoning the novel altogether....

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Cant remember about the flesh of cretacia. I enjoyed some of the novels in the series. Helsreac, Rynns World, Battle of the Fang, death of integrity, and Wrath of Iron and Legion of the Damned. Gildar Rift was ok, and Hunt for Voldorious was Abominable as well as fall of Damnos and Death of Antagonis. The purging of Kadillus wasnt too bad. I dont think the series is being dropped, just that as the Heresy is picking up some of the authors have been moved into the Heresy like Chris Wraight and ADB. They have a lot of work to do.

Seems like 50/50 good and bad mostly, to me anyways.
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