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Okay I came up with this idea on how to use my ideal SM army. I'm still somewhat new to actually playing so tell me what you think...

I will have tanks in front (vindicator and predator) along with a dreadnought. Behind them, I'll have techmarine w/ servitors. That way, as they advance up, they will be repaired and keep the rest ov my army in cover.

Using infiltraition, I'll have scout snipers ahead with homing beacon so i can teleport my close combat terminators next to the enemy. Also if I need to, I'll call in my deep strike fast attacks.

So as the tanks advance and take out some infantry and the term, scout, and fst atk, the rest ov my army which is mainly just tact. squads will rush up and take everyone out.

My HQ will be a Chapter Master with some sort ov honor guard.
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