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Space Marine All Scout List 1000 pts

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Hi all so this is my first post on this site and i just wanted to share my most recent project, my all scout

army. So i only ever run this list at 1000 points b/c i feel when i go over it just really loses its ability to

compete with other lists. I guess i will just jump right in. Ps: My Space marine book was stolen so im not

100% on the points but i have a good memory (at least i think so), so this should be really close.

HQ- Captain on Bike, Artificer Armor, Power fist, Combi-Melta

Troops- 10 Scouts w/ cloaks and snipers, missle launcer w/ flakk ( i know its expensive for flakk but i really wanted to have one semi-solid form of anti air, Sgt. Telion Upgrade

5 Scouts w/cloaks and snipers, heavy bolter

5 Scouts w/ bolters, heave bolter

5 Scouts w/ shotguns, sgt. w/ combi-melta, Dedicated transport- Speeder Storm /w multi-melta

5 Scouts w/ bolters, sgt. w/ combi-melta, Dedictaed transport- Speeder Storm w/ muli-melta

Fast Attack- 10 scout bikers, Upgraded sgt. w/ combi-melta and power fist, 3 astartes grenade launchers

So that is the list, again sry if its over 1000 like i said no book :(

I take white scars tactics, the hit and run is really nice with the bikes plus the benift from skilled rider and +1 to str. on hammer of wrath.

I have had great success so far, out of the 7 games i have not lost once, it does take a bit of finess to play but i think thats what makes it fun.

As for strategy i usually sit the large 10 man squad on any good central terrain and let them just shoot away, ( i also usualy put an objective there as well). The other scout squads that arn't in storms usually infiltrate on terrian or obejectives and just add their firepower to the army. The storms is where i need to work on, but as for now i usually flank the bikes with one and the other goes tank hunting/objective grabbing late game. Now the bikes, my fav. unit by far, they hit really hard, the captain is usaully a boss and soaks up wounds with his 2+ save, they usually have one task, seek and destroy as much as possible, it is really suprising how much dmg. 10 bikes with a capitain and 2 power fists can do, not to mention how much punishment they can take, and while my opponent trys to deal with them the rest of my army just shoots away.

So thats pretty much it, i really appreciate and feedback and thank you for taking ur time in advance for reading it.

Thx alot and happy wargaming -Eric
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Welcome to the board! Altough i'm a traitor/xeno player i sometimes have fancied the idea of a full scout company. The list is something near my ideas. A couple of things: the flakk is not a reliable antiflier. save those points. at 1000 pts you can well ignore the odd flier around or otherwise be mopped awy by a flier spam.
Then, why shotguns? i'd prefer ccw+pistols for that wxtra cc attack.
Last but really a side note: 4 combimelta? wouldn't it be better to go meltabombs on the bikers and the cc scout unit?
i can see this list kicking asses at 1000 pts! in 7th edition as well, no real flaw apart hard counters like flier spam and armor spam
And last but not least, you would be surprised at how well this list does against heavy armor (not flyers tho lol) i faced a guard player with chimeras and a few battle tanks, i just scout moved the bikes up then turn one turbo boost (the bikes get a 3+ cover) and i just chewed through his tanks, plus the storms were able to pop some with the mm, also played a dark eldar player and had similar results. The list rely's somewhat heavily on the bikes but as long as i dont roll bad they usually survive long enough to get the job done.
eh, i would have never imagined that. in truth, 1000 pts are few to maximise armoured power
About the ccw over shotguns you are half right, that is: your idea works with an assumpion, that the scouts will win the fight in one melee turn. That way you maximise damage, while minimising return fire. Since you will not normally win a one-turn melee, you are just losing an attack per scout every turn. Just talking here :)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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