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Also, Heldrakes ain't shit in 7th from what I have experienced (faced 1 in my last and 2 in the one before). I am absolutely in love with the end of their reign of terror over my battlefields.
Oh this, so much.

With the nerf of the Heldrake, Flyers have become almost completely irrelevant in my meta since you can bring better guns on your land units (yes, that includes Night Scythes - true, you get your Objective Secured dudes jumping out of it, but when it's 10pts less for an Annihilation Barge and there are unlimited detachments? Yeah, you'd be mad to bring more than one or two Scythes). Their movement restrictions are just too limiting. The few that do appear with any regularity are my pair of Dakkajets, although in the 7th ed Ork book I'm leaning more towards Blitza-Bommas, purely because they bring *something* unique in the Ork book (reliable anti-light armour - Lootas can do the same job, but rarely as well), and it's not hard to bring down Dakkajets with Boltguns or even trying your luck with special weapons.
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