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Howdy folks!

I'm a mid-20s gamer from Texas, born and raised (thanks very much), who moved to Connecticut about 18 months ago for work.

I currently live near Stamford, CT, and work near Norwalk, CT.

Anyway, as there doesn't seem to be a -nearby- store with space and time for gaming, I've taken to reading about my hobby of choice more than playing it.

So, you'll be seeing me around when I have something to add to ongoing discussions (not as often as I like, as I haven't gotten to play very much)

You'd think living less than an hour from New York City would mean I'd have no shortage of opponents, but that is not the case. Nor can I seem to find anyone interested in the Specialist Games line.

Look forward to many constructive discussions!

40k: Tyranids
WHFB: Undecided (High Elves maybe)

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Yoohoo! Displaced Texan.... I'm sure you're showing all those yankees just how to get things done!

I'm in Groves, near Beaumont in SETX, and I still have to drive about 2 hours to get to the nearest GW (which I have never done, lol) but there is a local hobby shoppe about half an hour away. Commuting to work and back can be a pain as well, but I managed to have fun with it.

Welcome to Heresy Online, and I hope you get involved in the WHFB side of things soon!
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