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Hey all! I've decided while I workout some issues with my heldrake to work on a mini project. I'm going to convert a soul grinder.

This will be good for a lark.

This project has 3 phases with several tasks per phase.

Phase 1
- list bits to be used
- gather bits for the conversion
- put image of bits in topic
- dance gleefully at the thought of conversion

(The first and fourth task of phase one is complete)

Phase 2
- prepair bits for assembly
- prepair base for "soul grinder"
- assemble Nurgle Soul grinder

Phase 3
- base coat
- wash
- detail
- laugh maniacally
- post images of conversion

Bits required
- Heldrake claws
- Gretchin / Grot
- Plasticard
- Modelling putty
- large monsterous creature base (most important part)

Images will be up in the next hour and a half for phase 1.

Imagine this thing shooting its phlegm attack!

(Here are some of the phase 1 images)my grots are mia so... nobody likes a gnoblar.


The final images will be posted to this topic, updates will be edited into the topic for ease of viewing.


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Love me a good conversion. I too, wonder where that grot is going to go.
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