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whoo someone else who likes ben counter im not alone! The soul drinkers books (espacliy the first two) are very nice books. I love how the soul drinkers finally understood that the imperuim was a bunch men with to much power who cared little for the teachings of the emporer and even less for the general well being of whole planets unless in affected the imperuim as a whole (commusiom, anyone?). The soul drinkers had to rise above mutaion and infighting, but they are loyal servants of their primarch and the emporer in the end (Rogal Dorn would be proud).

The third book was the least favorite of them for me but their are some interesting twists in thier (not spoiling). Ben counter has to be one of my favorite authors and he has a veiw on chaos that many wished they had. And ya punshing the chapter was harsh why not just demand the head of the traiters and call it good("why would we do that when we can just waste manpower and time on whiping them off the face of the universe" says one imperail offical to the other)? . But i would have been a little pissed if i would have had the weapon of my forefather stolen right out from under me and worst of all the way in which the mechauicus stole the spear showed 0 respect.

Chapter war is kinda a random bit in the whole thing.And as for hellforged...the ending left me with a "hmm shit" feeling deep within me. Phanlex will be one i wait for and when it comes i will get it the first day.
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