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I've been thinking about adding around 2500 points' worth of Sisters to my arsenal of Imperial stuff to bring to Apocalypse lately, and I've been trying to come up with a fairly themed infantry-based Sisters Commandery to tag along with my Lions Rampant and provide medium-range fire support for the Space Marines as they engage in close combat.

How does this look? I'm going more for an infantry theme, which is why there are no exorcists or immolators, despite them being extremely useful. Keep in mind that this is intended as an attachment to an army that's got a hell of a lot of assault capability in Apocalypse, and is meant to just sort of soften stuff up and/or assist with thinning numbers at range.

-Canoness armed with an eviscerator, brazier of holy fire, cloak of st. aspira, jump pack, rosarius, litanies of faith, frag grenades

-Palatine armed with an inferno pistol, power sword, jump pack, frags, meltabombs

-20 Sisters Repentia

-4x10-strong Battle Sisters Squads
1 Meltagun, 1 Storm Bolter, Veteran Superior armed with an eviscerator

Fast Attack/
-2x10-strong Seraphim Squads
2 dual inferno pistols, Veteran Superior armed with an eviscerator

Heavy Support/
-2x10-strong Retributor Squads
4 Heavy Bolters

1x10-strong Retributor Squad
4 Multi-Meltas

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I approve.

The repentia are a nice choice. Though no one i've ever spoken to really liked em much i field them all the time. Just watch they'll be posts all over the place dissing them in mere seconds.

2 things i can think of really. I'd not give the cannoness an eviscerator, i'd go with a blessed weapon. Str 5 re-roll to hit power weapon opposed to a strike last str 6 weapon?
Also I know in apocalypse games are closer but i'm not sure what the multimelta retributors are going to really do for you fire wise without a transport for mobility. You've got marines kicking about the place who can brake out missile launchers and las cannons for anti tank so i dont know if they will go very far in comparison.
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