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I posted some pics of my new chapter up on the gallery a couple of days ago and have been working on some information to go alongside that, so here goes:

The Sons of Tyrian

Founding Chapter: Unknown, suspected Salamanders or Imperial Fists.
Founding: 25th.
Chapter Master: Morfans Cadarn, Lord of the Tyrian
Fortress-Monastery: The Ardent Bastion
Homeworld: Amnisos Prime
System: Mykenae VII
Heraldry: Yellow Hornet on a Purple background, whilst their armour is camouflage green with purple greaves and pauldrons.
Before battle, all marines swear oaths of moment and can often be heard chanting during battle. Although they do not have a battle cry as such “In death we serve and in life we suffer” is a commonly used phrase.

Chapter Background and Location:
The Sons of Tyrian were created in late M40 during the 25th founding to support further development of the eastern reaches of the Segmentum Pacificus, after continued and increasingly organised raids by bands of orks, pirates and renegade marine chapters threatened the stability of the region. The Sons of Tyrian are based in the Mykenae VII system with their fortress monastery, ‘The Ardent Bastion’, based on the feudal world of Amnisos Prime from where they gather the bulk of their recruits. Amnisos Prime has a rich eco-system and the majority of the planet is covered in thick forest and jungle. Alongside the human population the world is home to a number of semi-developed insectoid species that constantly threaten the human population.
These creatures are tolerated and in some ways encouraged by the Chapter as they provide formidable foes for trainees to test themselves against, the largest and deadliest of these creatures being the Gantrid Cades which resemble Terran Hornets in appearance but can grow to nearly 8 feet in length, not only are they phenomenally tough and resilient with their hardened outer carapace but their stingers inject a mixture of venom and larvae which will paralyse the victim while the young begin to feed. The average human usually dies within an hour, if the physicality of the strike doesn’t kill them instantly.
The surrounding systems hold a number of large Agri-worlds interspersed with the odd minor Forge-worlds. It is this combination of tradable goods and raw materials that brings the constant raids from a wide variety of xenos species and renegades who see this quiet backwater as easy pickings.

Chapter Organisation:
The Sons of Tyrian adhere reasonably closely to the Codex Astartes, their position within their homeworld and the role in which they take in the local systems as overlords and protectors has endeared the Chapter to the population and as such the command system has taken on further titles to fit in with the feudal population.
For instance the Chapter Master is known as The Lord of the Tyrian, the title is honorific and is passed on to each succeeding chapter master. The title relates to the use of the colour purple to reflect those with divine rights in ancient Terran lore and the Sons of Tyrian certainly see themselves as such. They are a devoutly religious Chapter with at least one chaplain attached to every deployment and often as many as 3 being present in each company depending on the situation.

Chapter Command:
Chapter Master: Morfans Cadarn, Lord of the Tyrian
Chapter Equiries and Servitors: 650
Honour Guard: 16

Master of the Forge: Gharnet Rettik
Techmarines: 23
Tech Servitors: 52
Predators: 10
Vindicators: 4
Whirlwinds: 1
Land Raiders: 10

Chief Apothecary: Angelos Tertious
Apothecaries: 9

Fleet Command:
Battle Barge: 1 ‘The Righteous Barb’
Strike Cruisers: 3 ‘Harbinger’, ‘Valediction’, ‘Repentia’
Rapid Strike vessels: 10
Thunderhawk Gunships: 21

Master of Sanctity: Kaleb Renzo
Chaplains: 12
Neophyte Confessors: 32

1st Company:
Veteran Company
Knight-Commander: Phenix Xerxces
Space Marine Veterans: 98
Dreadnoughts: 2

2nd Company
Battle Company
Knight-Lieutenant: Troy Darnassus
Tactical Squads: 5
Assault Squads: 3
Devastator Squads: 2
Dreadnoughts: 1

3rd Company
Battle Company
Knight-Lieutenant: Glaviius Demitrious
Tactical Squads: 4
Assault Squads: 4
Devastator Squads: 2
Dreadnoughts: 1

4th Company
Rapid Strike Force
Knight-Lieutenant: Lex Vitallius
Tactical Squads: 3
Assault Squads: 4
Devastator Squads: 1
Dreadnoughts: 2
Bike Squads: 3

5th Company
Heavy Support Company
Knight-Lieutenant: Thraxus Karnit
Tactical Squads: 4
Devastator Squads: 6
Dreadnoughts: 4

10th Company
Scout Company
Knight-Lieutenant: Jarvin Grektal

Combat Doctrine:
The Sons of Tyrian prefer short ranged firefights where they can bring their flamers and melta weapons to bare before rushing headlong into close quarters fighting. The thick forests and jungles of their homeworld has influenced their choice of weapons which also prove immensely effective against the insect inhabitants. Deployments will always consist of at least one assault squad and chaplain and although due to their relative youth as a chapter they have few suits of tactical dreadnought armour, what they can muster is often used. They are not known for their subtlety of approach and are prone to rushing headlong into battle which is often exacerbated by an underestimation of their foes. Fortunately, sheer stubbornness and strength of will are often enough to carry the day, their continual heavy losses mean that they can never usually muster more than 6 companies at any one time.

Their distance from any major mechanicum outposts means that they rarely field mechanised units beyond dedicated transports and the occasional dreadnought. This lack of available technology has lead to the chapter treasuring and highly valuing artistry and craftsmanship with what they do have. In many ways, the Chapter reveres even more those mechanised units that bare their scars openly and believe that the machine spirit is even stronger in these veterans.
Their fighting style and love of technology has often led others to believe that they are descended from the gene-seed of the Salamanders chapter although the chapter itself thinks it is highly unlikely and points to their devotional side in believing that they are more closely linked with the Imperial Fists, either way, none are certain of their heritage.

Notable Actions:
As a result of the Sons of Tyrian geographical and theological closeness with the Eccelsiarchy they have worked closely with the Sisters of Battle in the nearby systems in repelling raids as well as supporting in the prosecution of a number of inquisition led campaigns.
It was during one of these combined deployments in the Arnostican System on Delphinius IV that the first Chapter first came into contact with the forces of chaos, in particular, a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch. The Chapter and their Sisters in battle had been mobilised in an attempt to quell an uprising by various cults of the ruinous powers, initially the tide had been easy to turn in the outlying areas and the imperial forces had made sweeping advances. With victory seemingly so close at hand all was nearly undone when the enemy counter-attacked from within the primary hive cities numerous subterranean tenements. At the height of the battle by the inner gates to the city’s administratum, Chapter Master and Daemon met and it is said that the savagery of their clash brought friend and foe alike to a standstill. Just when the Lord of the Tyrian seemed to have the upper hand, foul magiks conjured from the warp engulfed him and tore the flesh from his bones. While the rest of the chapter almost broke in shock it was the then Master of Sanctity, Glacius Prow who seized the initiative and smote the foul daemon with his crozious destroying them both utterly. Although the loss of their Chapter master was a high price, The Sons of Tyrian found solace in the knowledge that their actions saved another of the imperiums worlds from the clutches of chaos.
The origins of the cults on that world were traced back to rogue psykers and the chapter has since always held any psykers in disdain favouring the holy word of the Emperor and trusty imperial technology over the vagaries of warp driven power.
In recent years the chapter has increasingly found itself called into action to face the new Tyranid threats in nearby sectors but maintains an ever vigilant watch for the signs of the ruinous powers

CC and suggestions are most welcome :grin:

(edited as per suggestion :) )

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You sir have a gift for maknig an interesting Chapter that doesn't rely on gimmicks, I think I'll have to add this Chapter to my list of favourite army backgrounds.

I'd suggest taking a leaf out ofthe Index Astartes articles in organising your background layout so it's a little easier on the eye but the core of your Chapter background has little need for my judgemental opinion- you may carry on unmolested.

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i like it its great stuff, real detail keep it coming :eek:k:
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