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Sons of Heracles

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This is Chapter Master Sisyphos of the Sons of Heracles [diy Army I started a long time ago and am now bringing them back from the warp].

Few more things to do to Him yet,detail work and His base.
C&C as always welcome.
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That looks freaking AWESOME :D Love the purple dude. Whats the shield for? Just show? Or is it a SS?
Holy cacapoopoo thats mental!!! i like it! the only niggle is the head, there is just something that doesnt sit right with me :/
Looks awesome! I love the back hair spine thing (I don't know the right term) but looks awesome.
Thanks for the kind comments!!
Jamob the shield is an old relic from planet Athos [homeworld],it belonged to a King of old,a renown giant of a Warrior,It has been passed down through generations of Kings and in turn given to the Sons of Heracles and turned into a formidable weapon in itself,yes its a stormshield with the power of a thunder hammer.
Here is the finished mini....Chapter Master Sisyphos.

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Hello,update for my Sons of Heracles. These are the original minis I done years ago,all I have done is whip off the standard Marine helmet and replace with these awesome helmets from Puppets of war...and tidied the paint up a bit. The next batch will be fresh minis not old reclaimed ones. These are still very much wip....please excuse the poor quality pics.

C&C most welcome!
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Nice work man!! I love the color scheme and the asthetic of the army. Looking forward to more.
Not quite as good as your Lamenters, but still very striking. Love the hoplite helmets, they fit perfectly.
Thanks to you both!! Still as said wip.

Khorne.....Lamenters?.....Marine Malevolents. :grin:
Update with Squad Theseus...nearly done,bit of tidying to do and the Chapter symbol to add.

This is the start of Squad Cadmus...

And this is Assault Squad Crius,again nearly finished but.....not quite!

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I think they look great man. The spot colors are really eye catching especially the blue on the bolt pistol and the plasma green in the assault squad.
Khorne.....Lamenters?.....Marine Malevolents. :grin:
They are marines, and they're yellow, and... Ok, my bad.:blush:
This is madness. Madness?? THis....is....awsoooooome!!!! ;)
LOL thanks for the replies!! :wink:
Update with my Sons of Heracles. Been working on some Termies,need fidying and finishing!

C&C as always welcome!!
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Never found this thread before and it all look amazing!! The only thing i thought off was the shields on the terminators, they seem to much hellanistic and could have been done a little more hellanism .40k-ish. :eek:k:
My usual niggles about the back of my mind aren't there. You've managed to pull off a seamless set of conversions, but moreover, I like it so much that I don't care some of the hard rules of how space marines should look have been broken. In many ways they look better like this. Congrats. :)
Painted up this old Razorbck i had hanging about from a ebay impulse buy.
Painted it for my Sons of Heracles....not sure on it,what do you lot think?

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Hey man that's looking good so far. I think it could use more white and bronze areas/accents to look like it really fits with the rest of your army.
Hello.....long time no been about!! lol.
Had a quick browse thru the forum and there is some awesome work going on!
Keep it going chaps.

Will be making a start on my Marines again soon. catch you then!
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