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Greetings, i am Angelos Dante of the chaos Alliance Sons of Chaos, and am here to propose an alliance of sorts, more a calling if we're being technical :p

But Sons of Chaos is taking part in an upcoming campaign called Aftermath Redux, there are many forces of chaos getting involved and MANY imperials, theres the chance for glory for yourselves and for chaos, for those veterans who were apart of the old campaign, it works as the Eye of Terror did, with Forces of Order and Disorder and numerous other rules and ways, but this brings a more strategy based way to warfare, but the chaos forces can't stand alone, and so Sons of Chaos have gotten involved but we still need more brothers to help, to join us or fight alongside us, Aftermath and the Forces of Disorder need us to help force the imperials back from here, and to the victor the spoils.

OOC: Aftermath is a generally laid back campaign site, but there is friendly rivalries of course between FoO and FoD, but its all fun and it helps build on personal narratives and history, giving it all a richer experience

The campaign is starting very soon, and so to keep track of when chaos begins its descent to the system, you can check back on Sons for info...


I hope to see you guys soon :grin:
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