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Greetings mortals!

I took a look around this site and decided to join the community. Seems great here! :)

About me: I was infected by the 40k-universe around 1993 with the boardgame "Space Crusade". Then me and my friends switched to "Space Hulk" and finally we ended up collecting and playing the classic tabletop game. When i got older, that hobby fell asleep, though i never stopped to study the fluff by reading the novels and magazines and playing the videogames (especially DoW). I was part of a small forum before, but it seemed to be burned out and now i think i will invest my time here.

I am especially interested in joining background discussions, to help, or ask or anything i can do. Also I`m a big fan of roleplaying as a player and a GM. I hosted my own, homebrew-stories quite successfull in the past and shall do so here (hopefully) when i will feel home. Also i wrote some short stories in the past, but i think, due to the fact, that english isn`t my native language, they might hurt someone because of grammatical issues. (The Ordo Grammaticus is always watching! :biggrin:).

I am a big fan of Papa Nurgle (I am the "Germ" in the word "Germany"), and like all true followers of the plague-god, i am a little sarcastic sometimes and would call my humour pretty dark. I can laugh about nearly everything, except it would might hurt somebody. I can talk about stuff in a pretty serious way, but more often you will see me kind of relaxed. 40k should be handled as "fun" IMO, and not the same way, that some extremists handle their religions and believes. :nono:

So, i hope to meet some of you soon in one thread or another and feel nothing but joy to be a new member now.

Oh, and don`t mind the smell. You will get used to it soon.... :stinker:

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