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Something odd about the Bonesabres

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Thus not familiar, the Tyranid Special character named the Swarmlord has weapons that if you pass an invulnerable save made against inflicted wounds by the swarmlord, you must reroll them.

So I was looking at the bonesabre rule, I noticed that it makes no mention of you having to reroll only once. I just checked the official GW Tyranid FAQ and they make no mention of it either. Now I believe you'd only have to reroll a passed save once since I don't think I've ever come across an instance where you had to keep rerolling until you fail.

However, I'm wondering that since there is no official ruling that states that the bonesabre's wounds only force one reroll, could you argue that your opponent must keep rerolling his Inv until he receives a wound? Or is there a rule in the BGB that I'm overlooking that supersedes this?

Just a thought, what do you all think?
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While logically, they might cancel each other out, the rules would be to roll them, pick up all the dice, and re-roll everything. Silliness, but whatever.
This is not supported by GW's own line, which has been included in at least the Eldar FAQ. Conflicting re-rolls cancel each other out.
Care to share whatever you found, cause I'm not seeing it. Only thing that even comes halfway close is the Runes of Witnessing/Shadow of the Warp answer. Course it deals with additional dice being used in a roll, not in a reroll............ And (IIRC) doesn't even apply anymore since SotW has changed?
And all this math and probability stuff is irrelevant. The rule is to reroll the affected dice, so you reroll the affected dice.
And hence, because there is absolutely no reason to reroll and it opens up the possibility of cheating/abuse we should not bother with the reroll.

:nono: Well, other than the rules and the possibility of getting a different result regardless of what the probabilities are, no, I guess not...............
1 - 4 of 77 Posts
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